Why Contestants Spend Thousands of Dollars to Compete in National Dog show

Many people are wondering why national dog show contestants are willing to spend more than 250,000 dollars per year to compete. The reason for this concern is that most shows do not offer monetary rewards. In many cases, the total prize money that is awarded is a few dollars. A good case in point is the recent announcement by The National Dog Show that they would give out 20,000 USD in prize money. However, they failed to explain what each winner would get despite the expenses. 

The most substantial costs associated with dog showing are not specific to the actual competition. The price tag of travelling to out-of-town shows and hotel fees can force you to dig deeper into your pocket than you anticipate, especially if you are one of those dog owners who take to the road frequently. What if you spend many thousands and receive a few hundred dollars? The contests know these possibilities but are still more than willing to spend a lot of money to be able to compete. They have good reasons for this. Here are the top reasons they are ready to break the bank to participate in national dog shows.


If you are passionate about competing in these shows, nothing can stop you from spending a lot of resources and time to be able to be involved in the activities. For many of these people, they are not interested in any other thing other than seeing their own dogs on the stage. Many of them compare the experience of showing their dogs to the world by watching their own children compete with their fellows academically. As such, these people have a special connection with these animals.

Breed Awareness

National shows also provide dog enthusiasts with a practical purpose that can help them to achieve their own long-term objectives. How can they learn about the best dog breeds that are out there? When your particular breed gets the best recognition, the show helps to promote it. Thus, it increases public awareness. 

Extra Ordinary Experience

Dog shows offer everyone the opportunity to see extraordinary dogs from all around the world. After the 10th Annual prestigious Eukanuba World Challenge, the organization’s global marketing director, Richard Learwood, explained in detail how the well-received event had positively influenced the lives of the participants. He said that the event had successfully demonstrated to the world that it has always been about showcasing amazing dogs from all corners of the globe. 

What’s more, the competitors also believe there is nothing that can beat the feeling of a win. Dogs always come from all continents to be part of these experience-packed events. In this regard, tourists, competitors, and other people who want to enjoy themselves have all the reasons to be part of the national dog shows. 

Monetary Prizes

As we have seen, participating or winning the show is often not lucrative. In most cases, no participants get money. Nevertheless, there are also some people who are in the game to bag some prizes. If you win 20,000 dollars, you can settle some or all of the expenses and still get the other benefits as well. This way, the monetary rewards boost the participant’s desire to win the show. 

The Puppy Business

The shows fuel the high-dollar puppy business. As people learn about the business of the purebred dogs, the multibillion-dollar industry thrives. All the competitors know that other than the award winners, each of them has an opportunity to sell their puppies. The owners of large-scale breeding farms, pet store owners, auctioneers and others appreciate that purebred puppies will always be produced in large numbers following a high-profile win. This way, national shows have an indirect but significant impact on the entire global puppy business. 

The Bottom Line

Most dog shows do not award prize money, but that does not deter competitors from engaging in these events. They believe that taking part in it is still worth it. Other than being passionate, these people use the opportunity to learn about different breeds and promote their own too. Also, they enjoy a great experience and can make lots of money in the process if they like. Thus, if you want to participate in the national dog shows, move on knowing that the lack of lucrative monetary rewards is nothing compared to the ultimate experience and benefits that you stand to obtain. 

Top Tips to Prepare your Dog for a Show

If you want to bag the prize money or any other benefits of participating in a dog show, plan well. Your proper preparation is actually equal to your success. As you likely know by now, show dogs are not only popular but also enjoyable activities for dog owners, the dogs, and other participants. It will give you a great chance to bond with our canine friend and also show him or her to the adoring public. But what should you do to make your friend steal the show as you desire? Read on for the top tips to help your dog win. 

Balanced Diet

Whenever you eat well and in time, you grow healthy, and your body gets into good physical shape as well. That is what happens with dogs too. If you want your dog to win the admiration of your judges, you have to invest in high-quality foods. Ask yourself whether your dog needs to lose a few pounds or is a little bit on the slim side. Use this assessment to design the appropriate diet plan that you will use for one year or six months before the D-Day. 

While creating the plan, it is best you avoid supplements. They often lack real value. But, you can go for a supplement of essential fatty acids. However, be sure the one you choose is verified by a third-party agency, and the packages indicate the components of the supplement. 

Proper Healthcare

You also need the service of a qualified vet. Diseases can also compromise the health of your dog and make him or her less competitive. As such, at least 6 months before you go to the show, ask the expert to provide the necessary care. Since some dogs that will be involved in the competition may be sick, you also need this service to ensure yours will be safe after you return home. She should be given bordetella and influenza to limit the transmission of diseases. And, since your show will likely require you to provide proof of vaccination, you must ensure the vet administers this too and provides to documents. 

Socialize Your Dog

How well you socialize your dog will also make you win or lose the show. Do not be slack on this. Start the process when your dog is still a puppy for the best outcome. If she is shy with people, you can be sure that you will have a bad experience. Act at the right time to avoid this. How?

Vaccinate your puppy and begin taking her wherever you go. Moreover, take her to puppy socialization classes. Also, encourage strangers’ to gently pet the dog and look into her mouth. This way, you will be able to expose her to new places, noises, people, and the likes every so often. What’s more, you will make her accustomed to meeting many dogs and also increase her chances of being friendly with the judges. 

The Right Handler

Decide on who will handle your dog in the ring early on. The right handler should be a skilled dog lover. Furthermore, he should be able to properly groom your dog, be present at the appropriate time, show off the dog around the ring to her best advantage, and follow all the judges’ instructions professionally. While doing the presentation, your chosen handler needs to be able to offer boarding, conditioning, safe care, transportation for the dog, and much more.

If you want to get the right handler, do not make your last decision solely based on the price. Instead, take your time and watch your potential presenters while in action in the ring and also back at the grooming set up. The right one should dress professionally, exhibit good matters at all times, be ready with all the supplies and paperwork required for the show. Additionally, the handler should keep the holding pen of your dog clean, whether you are around or not. Follow this guide to learn that finding a professional dog handler is easy. 

The Bottom Line

Proper preparation is the best way of making the process of showing your dog a thrilling experience for the two of you. Your dog should eat well and be well trained. Also, be sure you assess your dog objectively with the help of professionals and be ready to spend.  


The fourth annual prestigious Eukanuba World Challenge took place on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th December hosted at the 10th Annual AKC / Eukanuba National Championships in Long Beach, California. 41 top winning dogs represented their countries from around the globe, competing in one of the four non geographical sections for the highly prized title “Eukanuba World Challenge Champion 2010” along with the $10,000 prize money.

The ultimate winner and title holder of the “Eukanuba World Challenge Champion 2010” selected by Judge Carla Molinari (Portugal) was the multi titled, multi BIS winner, the Doberman representing Argentina, “AKC Ch, Grand Ch Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Mexican, Peru Int. Latino American Ch Alex de Akido San”. Bred by his ecstatic co-owner Andrea Laruccia, (other co-owners are Natalia Colombo, Anthony & Sheila Dinardo), he was handled to all his show win successes, including his 90 plus BIS’s, by Miguel Alejandro Vera. Upon exiting the ring Miguel said “I am very emotional, no words can describe how elated I feel about this fantastic win at such a great show with all the top dogs representing their countries”. Andrea added “I cannot believe that we have won, it is so fantastic, this is the best thing that has happened to me as a breeder to win this show. Thanks to Eukanuba for looking after us so well and thanks to the section judge Jaime Ganoza and to the finals judge Carla Molinari.

Carla commented on her winner “I chose the Doberman because he was perfect in his stance and his movement, he did not put a foot wrong. He has BIS quality and he was asking for this win”.

Chairman of the AKC and show chair Ron Menaker said “A true winner, every bit a Doberman, epitomises the breed type.”

Hans Muller, President of the FCI “An excellent event with high class dogs in competition. It could not have been easy for the judge, with the quality of the finalists which was outstanding”.

Richard Learwood, Eukanuba Global Marketing Director “Eukanuba are pleased with yet another excellent well received event, showing extraordinary dogs from around the world. This is what the Eukanuba World Challenge is all about”.

The runner up was the Swedish representative, Charlotte Sandell and Peter Palmedals’s homebred Standard Poodle “Multi Ch Huffish Intensive Care” handled by Charlotte winning $3000 and the first runner up winning $2,000 was the Japanese representative, co-owned by Genji Ozeki and handled by Yoshio Harada Borzoi “AKC / Int & Japan Ch Sunburst Huntsman at Mechta”. The winning country’s Kennel club (Argentina) will be awarded $5,000; all prize awards are courtesy of Eukanuba.


One of the most prestigious events in the glamorous world of show dogs took place at the weekend in Long Beach, California on 12th & 13th December, hosted by the AKC/Eukanuba National Championships at their 125th Special Anniversary Show. 40 Top winning, accomplished international dogs intensely competed for the highly prized Eukanuba World Challenge Champion title along with the $10,000 prize money awarded by the distinguished worldwide judge, Mr Frank Sabella from America. The newly crowned Eukanuba World Challenge Champion 2009 is a Bracco Italiano, Multi BIS & Multi Ch Axel del Monte Alago, owned by Salvatore Tripoli & Bitte Ahrens. Bitte, who was clearly overwhelmed by the win said, “We are so proud to have represented our country and won over these other amazing dogs. This win, awarded by an American judge is truly a once in a lifetime achievement for us and Axel. We were delighted with our World Show BIS however this was something extra special, something we will treasure forever”.

The runner up was Nicklas & Ingunn Erikson’s Saluki Ch Shiraz Califorinia Dreaming was awarded $3,000 and the first runner up Victor Malzoni’s Wire Fox Terrier Ch Sanherping Arepa was awarded $2,000.

Frank Sabella says of his winner “This dog captured my attention and that of the appreciative spectators as he entered the ring. Watching him go around made the hair on my arms stand up. Having gone over him, he fitted his breed standard to perfection. He was selected from an excellent line up of dogs, he was absolutely outstanding in type”

Richard Learwood, Eukanuba Global Marketing Director said, “It’s great to see this magnificent Italian bred dog representing his country and winning among such extraordinary top class competition. The Eukanuba World Challenge goes from strength to strength, and continues to grow in prestige and has fast become one of the most coveted events in the dog show calendar. It is great to work with the American Kennel Club and the FCI to continue this high level of success.”


The 2008 Eukanuba World Challenge was a spectacular universal extravaganza, a pinnacle in the canine show calendar. This event featured 52 of the world’s most prominent top winning dogs.

They were flown to Long Beach, Calif., from around the globe to vie for the highly regarded title “Eukanuba World Challenge Champion,” along with the $10,000 prize money. This awe-inspiring “challenge” hosted at the principle AKC/Eukanuba National Championships Dec. 13-14, was made possible by Eukanuba, the global and pioneering company of premium dog nutrition, working in cooperation with the American Kennel Club and the FCI (The Fédération Cynologique Internationale).

“With 52 international competitors at the Eukanuba World Challenge it was an incredible experience to see so many excellent quality dogs at one venue,” said Ron Menaker, Show Chairman. “We are very fortunate to have an experienced judging panel of highly regarded breed experts to evaluate the world’s top winning dogs. This World Challenge event is a highlight during the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship with nearly 400,000 square feet of event space, 3,000 dogs in competition, dozens of vendors, 148 educational displays and numerous demonstrations. There is nothing that can compare to this complete canine extravaganza.”

The 12 “World Challenge” finalists, having been initially selected from their section (three dogs from each of the four pre-designated geographical regions), were judged by the distinguished Hans Muller, FCI President and All Breed Judge.

He revealed the Eukanuba World Champion 2008 as the Saluki “Dakira Sawahin” from Germany, owned, bred and handled by Dagmar Hintzenberg-Freisleben. After winning the Challenge, an ecstatic Dagmar declared, “I got it; I made a dream come true.”

Said Muller, “It was tremendous and thrilling to be involved with the Eukanuba World Challenge in Long Beach. I consider it a great honour to have been invited to judge some of the world’s top dogs. The Eukanuba World Challenge is truly something special, an event with a very specific glamorous and prestigious flavour, something which every judge would like to have the opportunity to see and judge once in one’s career. The event is two years old now, and I see a great future for it thanks to the help, the support and the expertise of Eukanuba, AKC and the FCI, which I sincerely thank. Breeders all over the world are able to produce excellent dogs, healthy and in conformation with their breed standard. These are the most important considerations when producing dogs. Once again, congratulations to ‘my’ winner, “Dakira,” and to all the other competitors for qualifying. It was a great ‘Challenge,’ and I do hope that everyone had as much fun as I had.” 


Two days, 40 dogs and one winner of this international competition. Vice President of the FCI, Mr. Karl Reisinger declared Vamos the Eukanuba World Challenge champion at the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship show in Long Beach, California. The Federacion Cynologique Internationale (FCI), the American Kennel Club (AKC), and Eukanuba worked with kennel clubs from around the world to create this innovative and unique event.

The Eukanuba World Challenge Champion is “Multi-Champion Very Vigie Vamos A La Playa” (Vamos). This stunning 3-year-old male American Cocker Spaniel from Switzerland, along with his handler Hughes Schuh, defeated 39 of the world’s top winning dogs to take home the title, trophy and $10,000 prize money. Vamos was selected to represent the Europe/South Africa section within the competition and was judged by Mr. Hiroshi Kamisato from Japan. Mr. Laurent Pichard and Ms. Joelle Doucet are Vamos’ breeders and owners.

From the Americas and Canada section, Multi-Champion Wizard Black de Akido San took the honors of runner-up. Mr. Luis Miguel Pinto Teixeria from Portugal was the judge responsible for putting him in the running. This striking 2-year-old male Doberman Pinscher from Argentina was handled to his success by Miguel Vera. He was bred by the Akido San Kennel and is owned by Andrea Laruccia, Carols Souto, P Cannizzaro & E & T Souza.

The first runner-up came from the Asia and Australia section and was judged by Mr. Miguel Angel Martinez from Argentina. “Champion Border Lane JP Moonshining Jasper” is a handsome 3-year- old male Border Collie from Japan. His breeder and owner is Hideka Tamura. Jasper was successfully handled to his win by Mr. Tatsuki Oneyama.

Only one champion was named, but all three section judges and everyone in the audience agreed that the quality of dogs taking part in the Eukanuba World Challenge was excellent.